Body Treatments

Hydro Therapy * Body Scrubs * Chinese Barrel Soak * Aromatherapy

This is the Tao's unique massage therapy, combining traditional Chinese massage with western techniques to obtain optimum healing and relaxation, tailored to each client.

Chinese Barrel Soak

CHINESE BARREL SOAK (Mu-Tong) followed by a Tao Massage
Now $108 / 1 1/2 hr

The Chinese Barrel Soak (Mu-Tong) is used to alleviate muscle tension and induce relaxation prior to your Tao massage. As you soak in hot water mixed with Himalayan Mountain Salt......"the tension will dissolve from your body and mind."

Hydro Therapy

$22 / 10 minutes

After any massage or body treatment, Tao Spa's "pressure point hydro therapy" will invigorate your body with water directed pressure point hydro therapy.


Body Scrub

Now $124 / 1 1/2 hr

Body scrub- Himalayan Mountain Salts or Dead Sea Salts are combined with aromatic oils and soothingly applied, then massaged gently to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and soothe your body's skin.
"Pamper yourself with this heavenly treatment."